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Tezos is a software, precisely a distributed ledger technology also known as a blockchain.
The basic unit of account is a cryptocurrency (or digital currency) called "tez", symbol : ꜩ or XTZ.


Banking on Tezos

Smart Contracts

One of the key features of the Tezos Blockchain is that it allows the developement and deployment of Smart Contracts.
Smart contracts deployed on the Blockchain enable various interactions and operation submission on the chain.


The Tezos blockchain offers some security guarantees, especially thanks to formal verification methods, allowing to mathematically verify the code before official deployment.


The mecanism of "on-chain" governance, characterized by a voting process on the blockchain, allows the autoevolutivity of the software thanks to a proposition and community voting system.
The Tezos Foundation is the non-profit organization responsible for the development and the sustainability of the chain.

Wallets & Applications


Delegate your tez and enjoy the 8% annual return


Public address : tz1S6H83gugqK4dR5Had9jWR9M1ZdAAVgU5e

Delegate your Tez by clicking on the "Delegate" button on top of the page

Delegate your Tez using the one-click "Delegate" button.

Stay the unique owner of your private keys

You never share your keys and stay the only owner.

Receive new Tez every 3 days

Once you have delegated your Tez, after 37 days, you will receive your first rewards. Every 3 days, new rewards are distributed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies or even Tezos, maybe the following list of questions and answers will help you.

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A cryptocurrency is a digital asset issued by a distributed software. The monetary issuance is programmed. It is usable through distributed computer networks.

Blockchain (also known as distributed ledger) is a computer technology allowing to exchange value (the cryptocurrency), without needing any central entity to control the system. Exchanges and interactions occurring within the blockchain are registered transparently and securely.

Like minors in the Bitcoin blockchain, a Baker is a validator of the Tezos blockchain. He is, by economic incentives, encouraged to validate transactions and create blocks. The Baker ensures information integrity and security of the Tezos blockchain.

Baking.Finance is a Baker of the Tezos blockchain.

It is the action of allowing, on your behalf, a Baker to get your approval in order to validate blocks and participate in the blockchain evolution, through the Tezos voting process. By delegating tez, a user will increase a Baker ability to participate in the network and blocks validation. Please note that delegation doesn't mean lending or sending your funds. It is simply about signing a delegation operation in the Tezos blockchain.

By delegating your funds (button DELEGATE above), you become a delegator and make a contribution to our Baker. Thus, every 3 days, you will receive new XTZ from us, to reward your contribution.

By delegating your tez, you stay the only owner of the private keys that control the funds. Your delegated funds stay liquid, therefore, at any time you can transfer them, or sell them on a cryptocurrency exchange.